My first gig in a long time!

Thanks to my amazing friend, super talented songwriter Matthew Sertori, my getaway to Tasmania with my big sister has resulted in my first originals gig in a long long time. I’ve been hiding away during the past few years studying at university and as you may or may not know, I’ve not spent much time focused on my own material and I have created a set list of songs that most people would not have heard. To commemorate my re-emergence back into the scene, I have enlisted my two very talented children, Bree and Harry Wells, to help me bring my songs to life for our April 10th gig. If you are in the area, we’d love to see you there and we promise a very special performance of songs inspired by the events and people of my life, the ups and downs that have brought me to this point in my life. I’m a storyteller at heart, and this collection of very special songs comes from the heart and soul and I am so very thankful and grateful for all that has led me to this place. Much love xx

Our gig @ fern tree tavern 10 april 2021

Melinda J Wells Family Band featuring Harry Wells on lead guitar and Bree Wells on vocals and percussion. Video courtesy of Katherine Bright (Tasmania).

International Women’s Day 2021

To celebrate all things female, I would like to share the lyrics to a song a wrote for this day ten years ago…

Woman by Melinda J Wells © 2011

Woman is only the word that I use, an acceptable title the world can’t refuse

Girl is the name that I use to describe, spirit that endlessly lives on inside

Mother is something that I chose to be, my babies the most precious part of me

They nourish and fill to the depths of my soul, yes they are mine but I hold no control

I am more, I am more, I am more, but you can call me woman

I may be lover or I may be wife, I may be alone for the rest of my life

Walk in the footsteps of those who have gone, rebel from the masses, sing my own song

My feminine nature is gentle and sweet, brings me to battle or calls for retreat

I am tender of heart with a powerful force, intending for destiny to run its course

I am more, I am more, I am more, I am more

I am more, I am more, I am more, but you can call me woman

I am connected and I feel the power of love,

I am connected to all things below and above,

I am more, so much more, I am more

Deep beneath roles and the games that I play, runs a river of life that’s not on display

I feel connected to all that I see, because I can choose then I choose to be free

I love who I am and this body of mine, with its imperfections, the ravage of time

I love the shadows that linger in fear, the message of love whispered inside my ear

I am more, I am more, I am more, I am more

I am more, I am more, I am more, but you can call me woman

A snippet of original songs…

In June, Mitch and I had the pleasure of support the Landscape Band at one of their shows, here’s a peak into our set of original songs! Enjoy 🙂

Updates coming…

It’s exciting times when I finally get around to updating my website to include some fantastic photos and videos from past projects and lots of other interesting bits and pieces! Enjoy….

Check out my portfolio of projects HERE

Woman @ Songbirds

Here’s a clip filmed by Cloe Veryard of myself and my fellow Songbirds of Childers singing my anthem ‘Woman’ at the beautiful Vintners Secret Winery in July!

Songbirds of Childers – Woman

One of my memorable community projects with my great friend Roz Pappalardo was to head up to the Childers region to co-write a bunch of songs with the amazing women you’ll see in this video… here’s the girls and I singing my signature song ‘Woman’ at the most amazing vineyard you could ever visit, Vintners Secret in Childers!

New Photos!

While I was still living in Bundaberg, up on the Hummock overlooking the amazing farms and the ocean, I asked my talented friend and housemate Alasdair to take some pics of me on the back deck…. and here they are!  I’m a bit confronted by photos of myself that are so detailed and I may have softened the light a little… haha… the joys of aging gracefully!


National Youth Week Winton

So here we are doing our thing out in the gorgeous Winton… well it’s ideal except for the plague proportioned flies in the day time and stink bugs at night 🙂

But at least we have a bunch of super talented, enthusiastic, amazing young people who are eagerly creating videos and music and photography for National Youth Week and we are super proud!

Gotta love my job !