To maintain the highest quality of work, feedback is always sought…

Below are the support letters I recently received when applying for a Regional Arts Development Fund grant and I was so touched by the quality of support because they were talking about me! Truly humbled

Here’s comments from participants from the many community and professional music and creative projects I have borne into existence or had the pleasure of being part of a creative arts delivery team.

‘I would love to have Melinda on staff!  Her work with our kids was just amazing.  Well done to the Dalby Regional Council for their support and to the Miles community.  A great event!’  John Searle, Principal Miles State High  

‘Melinda has to come back again.  What she achieved in such a limited time is nothing short of amazing to have the kids up performing their own song on stage.  Just wonderful for country kids’

‘Absolutely brilliant!  As a mum continually trying to encourage kids to practise their instruments, today has been amazing to see the joy and pure excitement on their faces.  Please come back and work your magic again!’  

‘It was really fun and entertaining.  I had fun writing a song and playing it on my guitar’ 

‘Melinda is an awesome teacher and we all had a lot of fun at the rockon workshop’  

‘It was great and educational.  We also had fun which is important.  It was excellent.  I like writing songs.’ 

‘We liked it because we like learning about music and we think Melinda J Wells ROX’

‘Both  Amelia and Sophie have enjoyed this workshop very much.  Well worth the effort.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience.’  

‘Having lots of fun and enjoying the workshop

‘It was good and very loud, the drums were awesome as well as the rest of the group.  I had a fantastic day!  

‘Melinda, you’re awesome at teaching music!’  

‘Great opportunity for the kids of Miles.  Come again soon.’  

‘It was a fantastic thing for the kids to be a part of’

‘I loved when we got into groups and made a song up.  I loved to perform on stage.’

‘It was brilliant and I loved it..  I can’t wait for you people to come back’ 

‘A great opportunity for the young kids’

‘Excellent night, love to see it again’

‘Just fantastic!! Please, please come back again!  Ryan had a blast!!’ 

‘WeLOVED it!!! You must PLEASE come back.  What a great opportunity for country kids.  Henry, Callum and Ryan will definitely do it all again!!!’  

‘It was totally wicked even though I was a little nervous’ 

‘You’re the best eva, the concert is great, I mean great, fantastic, rockin’

‘Thank you for this so much.  I think it was a great experience’ 

‘I had a great time, you rock.  Please come again’  

‘Fantastic, you rock my sox, come again please!!!’ 

 Thanks, you are totally a rock star’  

‘We really enjoyed the program, we learnt how to write a songs which we would not have been able to without this great program.  Thank you very much’ 

‘Our girls had a wonderful time and would like to do it again in 2009’  

‘I really enjoyed the part when we spoke about which chords go well together and the theory part of piano.  I also enjoyed writing and playing our song’  

‘Eloise was very excited to attend the workshop.  It is a rare opportunity for country children and it would be wonderful I fit was a regular occurrence.’

‘Lily was excited about the classes and composing her own song kept her enthused over the piano outside class time.  Many thanks, more please!’ 

‘A very worthwhile workshop to encourage the musical talent of the children of Dalby.  Melinda did a great job with the children and we thank her for her dedication to the up and coming talent’

‘It was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really FUN!’  

‘The children loved the freedom to write and sing without the political correctness of formal music.  Clara especially loved to write, sing and compose her music.’

‘I enjoyed this workshop.  I found it helpful to my music.  Opportunities like this aren’t usually found in Dalby.  I found it really fun.’

‘Although only six years old, Rose love the encouragement to write her song which was surprisingly good for such a short workshop.  She wants to come back.’  

‘It was mad fun and really helpful with everything and it’s good because we hardly ever get things like this in Dalby.’

‘Thanks for giving my son the opportunity to broaden his guitar playing skills into composing.  He had a great time.’  

‘It was great fun and I really, really enjoyed it!!!’

‘Great program, the kids really enjoyed it, the concert was a great way for participants to show their talents.’  

‘I learnt tonnes of stuff, thanks!!’

‘I really thought that this workshop was brilliant – come back next year!’  

‘Great opportunity for budding artist’  

‘Really great to be able to mix with musicians I have never even met before – don’t get many things like this in Dalby’ 

‘Great to have opportunities like this in the country – always essential to assist and promote creative talent as this adds to the vibrancy of our community’ 

‘This has been awesome because in the country we don’t get many opportunities like this.  It’s great learning and improving and being able to have fun doing something I love’

‘Thank you for coming!  Holly had a great time and the music her band produced was astounding!  Come again.’

‘I had a lot of fun at the music workshop, writing different types of songs.  Performing in front of people is really fun and I would love to do it again some time!’

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