Crowd Choir: Singing for joy and connection

CROWD CHOIR IS HOPING TO PRESENT AT THIS YEAR’S WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL: Based on the Pub Choir concept and presented as a new twist on the Singing Tent of yesteryear, this project is aimed to give patrons a chance to sing some favourite tunes with new friends, learn some simple harmonies and then spread the joy of music with the festival street crowds. Each day will consist of one 90-minute workshop learning one song in two part harmony led by community choir leader Gen Douw with support from mother and son duo Melinda J Wells and Harry J Wells on harmonies and guitars. Following the workshop rehearsal, the Crowd Choir will take their new song to the streets around the workshop space to share with the crowds. Depending on the weather, other shows and venues, the Crowd Choir will wander to spaces where they can assemble and sing their song of the day in different locations for 30-40 minutes or until they’ve had enough!

Led by the fabulous Gen Douw and supported by Melinda and Harry Wells….

The Crowd Choir Crew are a bunch of very experienced, professional community music facilitators and bring a wealth of passion, spirit and joy to their craft. Having been in and around choirs for most of their collective lives and being a close and loving extended family, we love to share the fun of singing (in two part harmony) with anyone we can!!

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