Original Music

I guess I’m not your typical song-writer, my lyrics dig deep into the fabric of mybeing to create thought provoking, insightful songs that speak of my journey and touch the hearts of my listeners. My original material include theme songs, project songs and a catalogue of originals that are yet to be released. Here’s a preview of some of my songs and videos….

ON THE INSIDE: This song is a reflection of the bullying and intimidation I have faced within the music industry and my quest to stand in my own power to create the musical future on my own terms. I released the song on the 9th of April 2021 worldwide.

On the Inside by Melinda J Wells

The single release for this song was held at the Fern Tree Tavern, Hobart Tasmania, on the 10th of April featuring the Melinda J Wells Family Band (Harry Wells guitar, Bree Wells vocals, percussion)

Snippet of Single Release

WOMAN: This song embodies the essence of womanhood from Melinda’s perspective and the path that life has taken her on, written in 2011 during a community music project celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day… The song has been released on two CD’s: ‘Songs of the Surat’ in 2014 and ‘The Soldiers Wife’ in 2016, the song has long been an anthem for women inside and outside of music!

Woman by Melinda J Wells
Melinda J Wells performs with percussionist Mitch McAuliffe at the Landscape Band’s Maleny concert

GHOST TOWN: After working for two years with the Soldiers Wife Project, Melinda wrote this tribute to the soldiers and their families living in the small town of Roma during the second world war….

Ghost Town by Melinda J Wells

BRAXTON’S SONG: Written for a local Dalby boy who has suffered from a brain tumour for most of his life

Braxton’s Song by Melinda J Wells

LITTLE LIE: This was my first ever self produced song for an assessment during my university degree in music, the quality isn’t great but I’m still proud of my achievement.

Little Lie by Melinda J Wells

During my degree, I was instrumental in forming collaborations with my fellow students to produce a couple of theme songs for events on campus and for community.

NO-ONE STANDS ALONE: Theme song for Diversity Week for USC event

No-one Stands Alone – USC music student collaboration

WE SING ONE SONG: Theme song for Harmony Day for the Sunshine Coast Council event

We Sing One Song – USC music student collaboration

SIMPLE MAN: Yet to be released, here’s a little snippet of a song I wrote for my father.

Simple Man by Melinda J Wells, performed with Gar MacLeman in Bundaberg

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