Social Inclusion Week

On the 22nd of November our choir travelled to the Logan Campus of Griffith University for Social Inclusion Week. What a fabulous day we had!!!! We joined up with Indigenous Choirs from Brisbane, Warwick & Ipswich and after a 2 hour rehearsal with Jonathon Welsh, the founder of Social Inclusion Week and The Choir of Hard Knocks, we were on stage. Four choirs, 52 people,a didgeridoo player, keyboard, rhythim guitar, bass guitar and tamborine. We sang our hearts out, it was a humbling experience for all of us and one we will never forget. Jonathon is a genius and along with Melinda and the other Choir leaders, prepared us all exceptionally well for our performance.

Dalby Bandfest here we come….

Bandfest in on November 5th and we are entering.
We had a wonderful time at Bandfest a great role up (30) and lots of great comments about our songs, Hidden Away & Just The Way you are.

Another Great Week!

What a week it’s been so far….

Dalby Shoppingworld = singing for the community, having fun, spreading the word, finding new people to join our wonderful group….

Tuesday night was a great practise  and then

…. we performed at the Art Gallery where the fantastic art collection from the Link-Up and SWINBURN projects were displayed – another great job guys and girls!!!


What a night!

Last Thursday our darling choir came second in the Instru-mental Music Quest – not too shabby for the newbies in town!!!! Congrats to those who could come and join us – it was awesome!!!!

Mental Health Week Events

We are travelling to Toowoomba tomorrow to compete in a competition for MHW with Toowoomba Teen Talks – here’s the website: – our choir will perform ‘Hidden Away’ in the Group section, Bree, Harry and I will also be performing in the other categories too!

On Saturday morning, catch us in Dalby Shopping World from 12 noon for a bit of singing and to showcase our choir!

Week four and still going strong!!

It’s been a fantastic start to our choir, with more than 20 people coming each week to learn to sing, learn new songs and meet new friends … we are all becoming like a big family and it’s so great to see everyone doing so well….

Recently we have had two performances, one at the local Delicious and Delightful Festival and the other at the Dalby Spring Concert – this was in our first and second week so with only one or two rehearsals, we got up on stage and sang our hearts out – and we were pretty good if I don’t say so myself!!

First Choir get together a HUGE SUCCESS

and we mean huge…. 30+ people of all ages and backgrounds came to join our wonderful new choir – and we sounded pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Welcome to our choir!

Today is the first day of rehearsals for our brand new ‘Reconciliation Choir’ and we are so excited!!!

We meet every Tuesday night at ‘The Music Studio’ 169 Cunningham St and we invite ANYONE to join our little group of singers!

We are also offering a place in our choir for any musicians who would like to join us and learn to play the songs we have chosen, mainly guitarists, bass players, percussionists and pianists – but we would accept anyone who really would love this kind of all-inclusive, fun group…