Our choir chosen as part of Griffith University Study

Griffith University School of Public Health & Griffith Health Institute representatives will be visiting Dalby this Thursday night to launch the ‘Voices United for Harmony’ Project, a joint program with Goondir Counselling Service and facilitated by the Dalby Reconciliation Choir.  With the assistance of choir leader Melinda J Wells, the Griffith study is proving the link between music and health, giving choir members the opportunity to improve their mental, emotional and spiritual lives through the healing quality of music, particularly singing.


The event will be held at the choir headquarters: Melinda J Wells MUSIC STUDIO, rear of the old catholic convent IONA, this Thursday 9th of August from 6pm, with a performance, supper and a general information session on the project.  Anyone can be a part of this important study, and the Dalby Reconciliation Choir already has more than 25 members who have all experienced first hand the positive effects being part of this group has had on their lives.


‘I have long had the desire to use music as a means of improving quality of life for those I teach, both as a touring arts worker and music teacher, and leading the Dalby Reconciliation Choir has given me the opportunity to achieve this in my own community.  Being part of the Griffith University study gives credence to my goal of making our community stronger, healthier and more tolerant through teaching the arts’ says Melinda of her involvement in this program.


Although the choir has already been established and worked alongside Griffith last year, this is the first time the choir will under the grant funding to prove the theories of music and health in a more organised fashion.  This means that there will be a small questionnaire to fill out and a mini health check will be done on all who come along on Thursday night.  The main focus of the study is for our indigenous community but is not exclusive to this group as our choir is a ‘reconciliation’ group first and foremost.  As an added incentive for indigenous choir members and those who are willing to come along and take part in the study, there will be a $20 Coles voucher up for grabs on the night just for coming along.


We invite anyone who is interested in learning to sing, be part of a choir, to have the chance to perform at local events or who might be keen to find out more about our study to please come along on Thursday night.  To register or to find out more, please call Melinda on 4662 6674


Contact:  Melinda Wells (Choir Leader) on 4662 6674 or 0408 938 030

Website:  http://drchoir.wordpress.com  Email:  drchoir@bigpond.com

Melinda J Wells Music Studio, 169 Cunningham St Dalby Qld



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