Four songs that shaped my life….

So in the morning I’ll be interviewed on ABC Wide Bay to share a collection of four songs that shaped my life…

1: Danny Boy – in memory of my father Jimmy Witt and the absolute love of music and singing that he instilled in his daughters. I’ll never forget standing around the pianola while he peddled away at his favourite songs, his eyes welling up with tears listening to his young daughters sing in harmony to him….

2: Time Warp (couldn’t really use Sweet Transvestite!) – in memory of my senior high school years (specifically one theatre assignment featuring RHPS) unleashing my weird obsessions onto unsuspecting high school teachers with a bunch of equally crazy friends

3:  What I Am – what I learned from a wise man before I knew he was wise, the song played at my father’s funeral in 1989 and the motto of his all too short life.  How I wish I had more time to absorb the beauty and gentleness of his spirit.  He once told me: You’re the one…. I’m still discovering what he meant…

4: Falling Slowly (from the movie Once) – when it dawned on me that the beauty that I witnessed during this song when I watched the movie was the very beauty that I knew I possessed within me: to be a troubadour upon this earth and to share my unique gift of song-writing to those who were meant to hear…






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