Songbirds of Childers Project

Here’s the facebook feeds and journey of our amazing songwriting workshop!

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Pre-Project Radio Interview with ABC Wide Bay

Creative Regions (funded by ‘We Are Queensland’ and the ‘Tim Fairfax Family Foundation’ – The ‘Songbirds of Childers’ project, a FREE singer/songwriter workshop for women in the Childers and Surrounding areas kicks off tmrw. We were live with David on ABC Wide Bay this morning at 7:15am where the talented Melinda J Wells Musicand her daughter Bree entertained listeners. The Australian Regional Voices is an exciting initiative as part of the WOW Australia Festival!! — with Bree Wells and Melinda J Wells.


Talented songwriter/musicians Melinda Wells and Roz Pappalardo working with local women to create their own songs. The results were incredible ! — withMelinda J Wells and Roz Pappalardo & the Wayward Gentlemen at Vintner’s Secret Vineyard.


What another fantastic afternoon being able to hang with the beautiful and talented Melinda J Wells and Roz Pappalardo. To hear the songs that they create from the words of the talented ladies who are doing the writers workshop. WOW.
I am so glad l did not chicken out . . Kudos to Creative Regions for making it possible .. # feeling inspired
 — with Melinda J Wells.


Have had such an amazing opportunity to participate in Creative Regions; Childers song writing/singing program. Thank-you Marianne Lethbridge for coming up with beautiful lyrics for our song “Shinning Girl” and Melinda J Wellsand Roz Pappalardo- such beautiful people with amazing musical abilities and creativity 💜

Feeling the love of the sisterhood . What an afternoon @ Creative Regions Songbirds of Childers performance . We could not have done it without you. Thank you Di, Melinda and Roz.. — withMelinda J WellsDi Wills (requested tag) and Roz Pappalardo.


Our wonderful weekend of workshops continued on Friday and Saturday and we’ve managed 10 songs over 4 days with 15 women and young girls!! ❤️❤️❤️
Creative Regions Ltd Wow Australia Melinda J Wells Music

Big day in the CQU recording studio! Five songs done and four to do today – congratulations Songbirds of Childers – you ladies are amazing !!! Creative Regions Ltd Wow Australia Melinda J Wells Music

Talking Songbirds of Childers with Scott Lamond on ABC Wide Bay! thanks Brad Marsellos for setting this up! — with Helen Dawson at ABC Wide Bay.

The ABC interview went very well my song was played to over 20,000 listeners. Melinda J Wells was just great. Hope you all heard and will follow her progress. Im just so excited that this is happening what an opportunity. .xx (Helen)

About to sing live on air with Billy Healy – around 11.15am with Helen Dawson @CreativeRegions @WOWAustralia