Celebrating song-writing…

It’s that time again, where local songwriters gather to share their songs and their story, one of my favourite things in all the world.  It’s funny how such a seemingly small thing can have huge positive effects on a persons sense of purpose and esteem… I’ve had too many of these experiences to name, time after time realising that if we engage with others in an authentic way and create a safe space then magic happens…! 🙂

ASA flyer Bundy

Interview @ ABC Wide Bay

Thank you Scott and Brad from ABC Wide Bay for the great interview about Wax Lyrical starting in Bundy next week.  Hope you enjoy ‘Woman’, one of my favourite original songs x


Thanks to Solana Photography for the great photos of my gig on Sunday 30/7 @ Jandas

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Simple Man (original song)

Here’s my great friend Gar and I playing a little song I wrote for my father – first time he’d heard or played it by the way (talented man!)  enjoy

ABC Wide Bay interview!

Hey, I’ll be live this Friday morning @ 9:30am to chat with Scott about ASA, Wax Lyrical, original music and I may even sing a song!  Can’t wait…. tune into 100.1FM, 855AM – Talkback number: 1300 221 001

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Jandas welcomes Wax Lyrical

Thank you Janda for having Wax Lyrical at your place…. singer songwriters in Bundaberg – we want you!!!!

Regular gigs will now be at our new Wide Bay home and I hope to coax the local composers out of their homes and down town to share their music


First Bundy gig done and dusted!

It’s like riding a horse – you never forget right…. I’d have to agree, it was fabulous getting back in the saddle (or gig chair) and singing some cover tunes and originals at my new residency @ Jandas Pizzeria last night.  The best part was a surprise visit from my pal Gar, who jumped on stage to play along (ad lib) to my set of original songs in the middle of my gig…. then he stayed on and played lead on some covers after.  All the way from Hervey Bay (hey there’s a song in that!)  A well enjoyed pizza, chat and pack up afterwards made for a fantastic Sunday session… The best part?  I get to do it again every Sunday this month and Wax Lyrical original songwriter nights are beginning again at Jandas next week!! Happy days….

Back in the Saddle

I love performing, I always have and I always will!  It reminds me of my beautiful father Jimmy Witt, a born entertainer, untrained, crazy, confident, funny, uncaring of others’ opinions…. How I miss you dad. Oh, and here’s my little flyer!


Hello Bundaberg!

Somehow, through a series of weird happenings, I’ve found myself living in the beautiful Wide Bay on a volcanic rock called ‘The Hummock’, half way between the city of Bundaberg and the beachside suburb of Bargara….

It’s a gorgeous part of the world and it’s a sea change for me after being a little bit west for the past six years; still I had this idea of how things would play out, but life had other ideas!  So I’m going with the flow and following the lead of where my journey is leading – and there are exciting things afoot.  First things first; live gigs around this place is my starting point, and finishing some original tunes, getting organised and up to date the old home office to start. So here we go world…..  🙂