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Our gig @ fern tree tavern 10 april 2021

My first gig in a long time!

Thanks to my amazing friend, super talented songwriter Matthew Sertori, my getaway to Tasmania with my big sister has resulted in my first originals gig in a long long time. I’ve been hiding away during the past few years studying at university and as… Continue Reading “My first gig in a long time!”


Thanks to Solana Photography for the great photos of my gig on Sunday 30/7 @ Jandas

First Bundy gig done and dusted!

It’s like riding a horse – you never forget right…. I’d have to agree, it was fabulous getting back in the saddle (or gig chair) and singing some cover tunes and originals at my new residency @ Jandas Pizzeria last night.  The best part… Continue Reading “First Bundy gig done and dusted!”