First Bundy gig done and dusted!

It’s like riding a horse – you never forget right…. I’d have to agree, it was fabulous getting back in the saddle (or gig chair) and singing some cover tunes and originals at my new residency @ Jandas Pizzeria last night.  The best part was a surprise visit from my pal Gar, who jumped on stage to play along (ad lib) to my set of original songs in the middle of my gig…. then he stayed on and played lead on some covers after.  All the way from Hervey Bay (hey there’s a song in that!)  A well enjoyed pizza, chat and pack up afterwards made for a fantastic Sunday session… The best part?  I get to do it again every Sunday this month and Wax Lyrical original songwriter nights are beginning again at Jandas next week!! Happy days….

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