Soldiers Wife Project 2015-2017

I was part of the facilitation team of The Soldiers Wife for two years and was fortunate to spend time writing songs about the families of veterans to create an album of songs. Below is a video of my original song ‘Ghost Town’ and some photos from our tours.

Soldier’s Wife: Stories In Song Project 2015 (Funded by Regional Arts Development Fund, Arts Qld and the Western Downs Regional Council

Below is one of the original songs written during the workshops (Deb Suckling and Harry Wells)

Album Launch at the Old Musuem Brisbane

Ghost Town by Melinda J Wells

Concert at Sydney Opera House 2015

Roma Workshops at the local school 2016

Recording original songs! 2016

Roma Workshops at the local nursing home 2016

Roma Concert 2016

Recording the album 2016

Townsville Concert 2016

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