Community Choir Projects 2011-2016

Community singing is always an uplifting experience and I have had the pleasure of creating a few over the years and engaging in group singing through community focused projects. Here’s some happy snaps of some of the highlights and below are comments from participants!

Dalby Reconciliation Choir 2011-2016

Chinchilla Glee 2013-2016

Tara Music Group 2014-2016

Waminda Glee 2014

Feedback from participants

“Really positive experience, lots of great folks of diverse ages & cultures. Learning a lot about myself & others.” David

“ The music changes my mood to excited, happy, positive and just plain Joyful” Ros

“What a great opportunity to be part of this choir. Thankyou for putting it together Goondir & thankyou Melinda for being so vibrant & encouraging ALL the time. This is a wonderful chance for us to be cohesive as a community while still having fun & learning all the time. Bravo” Gloria

“From the moment I joined I have connected with the beautiful bunch of people in our choir & have made lovely new friends. I have been singing daily at home which is bringing me a lot of pleasure & I have gained confidence from our public performances. Now I have this creative outlet I don’t get depressed/negative. I just love it” Jayne

“Singing with other people has changed my life & to getting to know others in the community. Never sang in front of people,but I think it’s time that I do something new & get out there & join Dalby Community. Just love it” Mona

“This choir is a new beginning for me & I’m so excited to do something I really love, just for me. I’m new to the area & this has catapulted me into the community. I suddenly have so many opportunities to meet people & be involved in community events I love it thankyou! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!” Jacqui

“I really enjoy every Tuesday night – it is the longest week from Tuesday to Tuesday – I would come every day – if Melinda had time 7 days a week. I practice but need a good voice to guide me. Melinda & family are really great – I feel we have learnt quickly.” Narelle

“I could be described as a monk – focused & a bit insular. The choir has been a rewarding experience. It’s a great way to relax & unwind & the people involved make it special. It’s absolutely enjoyable.” Kevin

“I finally fit in somewhere! I am starting to feel wonderful & beautiful about myself. I connect with the songs ‘Hidden Away’ & ‘Just the Way You Are’. The only time I do not have a sore throat is when I sing. I have had a sore throat all my life. I have never been able to stand in front of people and sing or talk, now I can!!! I am more confident and happy. This is my time to shine.” Kylie

“For me overcoming how people ‘think of’ me & how I feel about myself & to accept myself.” ‘Sharlene’
“It has given me the chance to live life to the full by making new friends & enjoying how we as a group of individuals have all grown in our own way” Richard

“I recently moved to Dalby & I knew nobody, being part of this choir really helped me meet people & I now have some wonderful friends. I have also started to improve my health & weight! I am so happy that I joined the Reconciliation Choir.” ‘Bree’

“I enjoyed every bit of the day. All splendid, I felt honored to sing in the group and be with you all. Thankyou.” Aunty Beryl, Warwick

“Wonderful day we enjoyed it. Best day out with the choirs. Very good.” Sadie & Pearl Warwick

“Very very good. Singing makes you happy. Performing with other choirs is very uplifting” Desley, Warwick

“It was so great having Jonathon Welsh work with us & to share his music skills with us & also to have Melinda & her music skill & her energy was so up lifting” Rhonda, Ipswich

“The fellowship with my own choir members – but also the opportunity to connect with other choirs added to that. The experience of working with Jonathon Welsh, an amazing day.” Kevin, Dalby

“The experience of working with Jonathon & also meeting new friends. The whole day was absolutely wonderful. Thankyou.” Richard, Dalby

“ I’m so grateful to be in the Reconciliation choir and to be present in this event because it makes me more confident enough to sing in front of the crowd. It’s so wonderful to sing with Jonathon & the Brisbane, Ipswich & Warwick choirs, I enjoyed it so much.” Vangie, Dalby

“It has been a very uplifting experience that has made me feel positive & good inside.” Tricia, Warwick

“It was a great day & a great experience. It was fun working with Jonathon and singing with the other choirs.” Rilla, Dalby

“Jonathon was very deadly & a barrel of laughs, Uncle Roger Knox was awesome & to sing with him & hear him singing in real life was a great experience. Brian said it was an eye opener & has been real supportive of us with the choir.” Sharlene, Dalby

“Singing & seeing old friends & making new ones” Lyndsay, Ipswich

“All the music & people, especially the practice with Jonathon. Always enjoy seeing the power of music & unity bringing people joy.” Sarah, Ipswich

“Meeting Jonathon & rehearsing with him was a fantastic experience. He gave us some great ideas & extended our comfort zone. He made it all seem so easy & really gave our song that extra oomph!!” Nancy, Dalby

“Working & singing songs different to what we had learnt.” Susan, Ipswich

“Melinda taught me to be myself & have confidence. Jonathon taught me to have fun & sing as well. The experience taught me we really are one voice.” ‘Sue, Warwick’

“The best part was the ‘oneness’ of all our different lives, but we all feel related. It feels wonderful and empowering. I felt proud- thanks Melinda. Jonathon is an inspiration& I felt honoured for this opportunity.” ‘Ros, Dalby’

“Absolutely wonderful experience, so captivating it shall remain with me for my life. Lift my spirit so I could flow with the deep river of life again.” ‘Sharman, Warwick’

“I love going to choir every Tuesday. I love the repertoire & how it is so unique. I love Melinda and it was great to sing with Jonathon.” ‘Bree, Dalby’

“ Don’t know where to start. From the very first time I met Melinda & joined the choir it’s been an amazing experience & this was the highlight today. Just fantastic, Jonathon was so wonderful. Everyone involved is my new family, loved every minute XXX.” ‘Jayne, Dalby’

“Great experience to be part of the choir, friendship – to learn with Jonathon was great a fun, inspiring experience, I will remember a talk about. Love the meaning of the songs.” ‘Angela, Dalby’

“Today we heard stories of people’s courage that they got through singing. My story is different, while people were hurting or crying, I was there to hold their hand to give cuddles to help heal them mentally & physically. Now I get to sing with them! What a blessing this is.” ‘Sheryl, Dalby

“I look forward to every Tuesday night to be with Melinda & the choir. Their positive attitude has helped me with my health problems. Singing with Roger & Jonathon has inspired me to keep singing. What a wonderful day.” ‘Maybrey, Dalby’

“Well this is my first time joining a group of choirs. Well I must say, I love it, I enjoy it & this is my first journey to see what’s out there. I enjoy everyone’s company & enjoy singing with Melinda & everyone in Dalby.” ‘Mona, Dalby’

“I learnt some great techniques for warm-ups & enhancing & strengthening my voice. I enjoyed being part of the group, putting our energy into something positive & uplifting. Thankyou for a fantastic experience.” ‘Jacqui, Dalby’

“A really great day, had heaps of fun, can’t wait till next year. Singing is the world to me & I’m glad I have a great group of people to share it with me” ‘Storme, Warwick’

“Feeling good about singing as a group & singing can have a healthy effect on your life if you let it” ‘Ranald, Warwick’

“The songs, Roger, Melinda & Jonathon were all great! Great social event too.” ‘Bernadine, Warwick’

“It was a great experience & I hope to come back again next year.” ‘Delphine, Warwick’

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