Winton Outback Festival 2013-2017

For the past eight years, I have taken the long hike out to one of the most cultural rich towns in regional Queensland: WINTON Central West! Partnering with the Outback Festival’s Robyn Stevens and the local youth officer Melissa Doyle, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Cloe Veryard, Harry Wells, Sam Vinci, Lyndon Hallows, Crystal Wruck and many other talented arts workers who have allowed the local youth to engage with all forms of creativity over the years!

Big Vision Project with Lyndon Hallows 2017

Feedback is important when working in communities and this is what some of the young participants had to say about one of our projects where I facilitated with amazing artist Lyndon Hallows

Feedback from participants of the Big Vision Project for Winton Outback Festival

Part of our workshops has always been performances at the festival during the five days of celebrations where the small town of Winton grows to welcome thousands of visitors. Here’s two songs I wrote to honour this wonderful town and it’s equally fantastic festival.

Giants of the Outback by Melinda J Wells
It’s Goanna Be Great (Winton Outback Festival Theme Song) by Melinda J Wells

Winton Outback Festival 2013

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